Happy New Year!!!

Dear colleagues and customers! It's time we said goodbye to the year of 2014 that very soon will become our history. But before we greet the year of 2015, I would like all of us to recall our achievements, of which many will contribute to our sustained business growth.

The secret of our branch's success is our focus on people and values. .

I am happy to say that we are well positioned for the future.

I want to thank all of you, dear customers, for your support.

It is so meaningful to us because in business we depend on many factors.

I know, dear customers and colleauges, how lonely you feel sometimes when we are at work and you are patiently waiting for that something bigger, something better. This is when we need to keep the faith alive.

We are a family, and this feeling is great.

What can we expect from the coming year?

I wish we continued providing our customers with high quality service.

I wish all of us were healthy and wealthy.

It's time to rest and to have fun.

May you have a bright and prosperous 2015 New Year filled with all good blessings!

Happy New Year!